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A women’s blazer is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn as a casual light jacket or as a part of a more conservative business outfit. The wide range of styles that women’s blazers are available in makes it possible for any woman to find a blazer that is both flattering to her body and appropriate for whatever event she may be attending. Even though men’s blazer styles have strict rules about which type of blazer may be appropriate for certain situations, these social rules for women are less rigid. This means that a woman selecting a blazer needs to pay more attention to the overall look and style of the blazer instead of being able to rely on basic rules to make a decision.

Blazer Buttons

Women’s single-breasted blazers also vary in the number of buttons they have. These variations aren’t as simple as whether or not a blazer has a certain number of buttons; these designations also affect how the blazer is cut to fit a woman’s body and the general shape. Each type of blazer will look differently on different body types, so it is important for a woman to consider each type’s drawbacks and benefits.

One-Button Blazers

One-button blazers are a more casual design of blazers, and they are also the most tricky for women to wear. Because each woman’s body curves differently, a single button must be positioned at the narrowest part of her waist to avoid bunching, gaping, and pulling. A one-button blazer that fits a woman well will accentuate her curves, but a poorly fitting one-button blazer can look awkward and be very uncomfortable. While these blazers are acceptable for women to wear to work, more conservative business environments may see them as too casual.

Two-Button Blazers

Two-button blazers are generally a more work-appropriate style for both men and women. Again, the button placement will vary for each woman, but with this style, the buttons are not designed to fall directly the waist, and the blazer will fall more smoothly.

Three-Button Blazers

Three-button blazers are very similar to two-button blazers. They are also very appropriate for business or more formal settings. However, because of the positioning of the buttons, they are not as universally flattering. Women looking for three-button blazers should be aware that the buttons sit higher on the blazer, and this style is best for taller women.

Four- and Multi-Button Blazers

Women’s blazers can even have four or more buttons that can stretch from the neck to the bottom hem of the blazer. These varying styles will all look different on different women, but a good general rule to remember is that the more buttons there are, the more versatile the shape of the blazer is.

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