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Do you have a fashion blog, website, video blog or Instagram where you swatch and review products?Do you want free products? If so, I Do Sales wants to hear from you! Once a week we will select a fashion blogger to review our products. We will send you a FREE Box full of our products for you to review on your site.

All we ask is that you give us an honest review of our product, with a link back to our site and allow us to cite your reviews. We want to know what you love and what is not so great so we can make the best possible experience for our customers. If you don’t hear from us right away don’ t get discouraged.It may take some time for us to sort through all of the requests but know that we welcome all applicants both big and small! You do not need to have a huge following but we will be looking for sites with activity such as posts, followers and comments etc.If you are not selected the first week, please don’t get discouraged because we will need someone the next week and every month after.

Just fill out the form below complete with your contact information and we will enter you into our list of potential fashion bloggers.And please no cheating because we will be validating it is your site before we ship the products .We apologize for the hassle, but unfortunately not everyone plays fair. Again we REALLY appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you everyone!!

-I Do Sales

* If you do not see a “Welcome” e-mail from us shortly please check your spam folder! * By signing up to this list, you acknowledge that you’re giving I Do Sales full permission to use any of the product review photos or content that you publish with I Do Sales products. Your review may be reused for ads, Facebook posts, etc. Don’t worry we will always give you credit for your photos and swatches whenever possible.We would never steal your hard work!

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We are group of people who have industry knowledge and resources who want to disrupt the way you buy fashion. We want to share deals that are hard to pass up, these items are first run unless otherwise noted.

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